Purity Christmas Holiday 2017!

Please make a note of your classes in December 2017 and January 2018.

  • The last Pilates class will be on Monday 18th December 2017 and first one back is Monday 8th January 2018.
  • The last HHTP class will be on Thursday 21st December 2017 and first one back is Monday 8th January 2018.
  • The last Pole class will be on Friday 22nd December 2017 and first one back is Monday 2nd January 2018.

Please note all bookings are extended to cover the Christmas and New Year break. 

If you are in Freestyle Pole Dance your class, which should be on Friday 29th December 2017, will now be on Friday 22nd December 2017. 


Sexy Pole Dance Workshop

Purity is hosting another Sexy Pole workshop, normally we hold one in the Summer, but time passed me by. So we are doing it near my Birthday! Yay for me!

Our song will be WOW by Marilyn Manson, it’s a pretty filthy track, which is going to make it oh so fun!

This workshop is available to those who have completed a beginner pole dance course in the past 6 months. No matter how long you have been poling, expect your body to ache for a few days after!

Maximum is 1 student per pole, so plenty of time to nail the routine. Feel free to dress up… or down 😉 You are welcome to wear shoes, no higher than 8″ heel and knee pads are a must have for everyone.

Bring your ‘can do’ attitude and prepare to have some fun. If you are good I will give you some cake!

New Autumn Timetable 2017

Our new Autumn Timetable has just been released, now includes our early morning HiiT class, Half Hour to Power at 6am. If you would like a class at 6.40am please get in touch too.

Pole Dancing now has Beginner Pole Dance on Wednesdays at 7.20pm, with plenty of space to move up to Improver then Intermediate Pole Levels. Freestyle Pole Dancing is now fortnightly on Fridays, first one being on Friday 6th October 2017.

Pilates which is great for keeping the body active, reducing risk of injury, core strength, core stability and flexibility, is now on Mondays at 6.05pm and 7.15pm for Beginner Pilates. Tuesdays at 9.30am will also be for beginners to Pilates.

All of these classes are located at the Purity Studio in Andover, Hampshire, UK.

See our full timetable here!

Puri-Tea & Tease (Our Version of Afternoon Tea!)

As a thank you to all the students of Purity, mainly aimed at the pole dance students, I am hosting an altered version of an afternoon tea party at the Purity Studio. We are gonna combine eating cake with some little pole shows. I think we may end up giving the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party a run for its money!

This is only available to those on current bookings with Purity. There have been many changes to the studio this year, and I can’t begin to thank you enough for all of your support and encouragement. If you are on Pilates or HHTP you are also welcome to come along, if you have an interest in joining a pole dancing class.

This will be a free event, but we can all do something to bring it together, once I have a guest list everyone will be assigned plate of food to bring/make, ranging from little sandwiches, to cakes. Everyone will need to bring their own cushion, in true pole fashion, we shall be eating on the floor 😉
I am hoping to get a couple of little coffee tables, if you think you have one that can fit in your car then let me know.

If you have an interest in performing, or want to brush up your skills of being in front of a little friendly audience then let me know. It can be freestyle, choreographed by you or me, singles or doubles, whole song, or half a song, it is up to you. There is no pressure. Or just come along and watch, support and enjoy.

Let me know if you would like to come 🙂


Pilates for Orthopaedic Conditions

This week has brought some exciting news, not only am I now a qualified level 3 pilates instructor, but I have been told that I have passed my Pilates for Orthopaedic Conditions course!

This means I can help more people become active again, stay active, and take GP referrals.

I have been trained in many different issues, including:

  • Osteoporosis
  • Arthritis
  • Specific Back Pain – Trapped Nerve, Sciatica, Slipped Disc
  • Non-Specific Back Pain – Caused by general living, posture etc
  • Shoulder issues – Frozen Shoulder, Rotator Cuff Impingement
  • Knee and Hip Replacements
  • Knee Injuries

The list goes on! This doesn’t mean I can diagnose you, but when you are ready to exercise I can work with what your Physio and GP have advised you to do, and get you back to working order.

Pilates is great for keeping you healthy by working at a low impact level to gain core strength, mobility and natural flexibility in your body.

If you suffer from an achey back, but there is no underlining issue you can come to a class. Also if you are Hypermobile but not had any issues with it, you can also come to a class. If you have any other conditions listed above you would need to have seen a medical professional first. I can then help you either privately or in a small group class.

Please always let me know if you have an existing condition prior to joining any class.

Click the photo to see our latest timetable for Pilates at the Purity Studio in Andover Hampshire.

Half Hour to Power 6am

Our 6am HHTP class is back! Are you ready to start on Tuesday 26th September?

Our 30 min class will wake you up and get you ready for your day ahead. Don’t be fooled by the fact it is only half an hour, you will be surprised at how hard you can push yourself!

This is for all ages over 16, so long as you are healthy, then any fitness level is welcome. There are high and low options for everyone.

Advance bookings only, as we only have a maximum of 10 in a class, join our small team!

Pole Tricks Class

….”But I thought you were no longer teaching pole tricks??”…

This will not be like it used to be, I will only teach the inverts and tricks that can relate to lower third pole tricks. Lower third pole stuff is my passion, as it flows well with the dance side of pole.

Also my back has been feeling so much better later, so the one class of pole tricks should be ok.

Main moves that will be a focus are: Invert, Air Invert, Scorpio, Gemini, Inverted V, Chopper, Cross Leg/Ankle Release, Butterfly, Super Girl. Once you have these, there is so much you can do with them!

This class is only available on a membership package, to those who are at intermediate or advance level.

The Treatment Room

Recently I have been busy having a wall built in the studio, this means the studio now has 6 poles instead of 7. But we do have a beautiful new woodland styled wall, with more mirrors.

I had been toying with the idea for a couple of years, and finally have a treatment room at the front of the studio. We have Mark Terry from MJT Massage Therapy. I have been having treatments with Mark for 3 years, and without him I don’t think I would of been able to teach some of your classes! He specialises in Sports and Remedial Massage.

Mark is due to start in October 2017.

Here are a some photos of the new wall from the Studio side. See the Timetable for the classes and times.

Purity Pole Levels **UPDATE**

So this year Purity has been going through some big changes. I have made my beginner course accessible to those who want to wear leggings. After all, it’s about how you move, not what you wear! That being said the content on beginner pole dance has changed, which has had a knock on effect to the rest of the classes.

Also I have stopped teaching pole tricks, which includes all the big inverts. You will no longer be able to climb the trick ladder with Purity, as we are more focussed on the dance side of things. Don’t be fooled, floor work is hard! There will still be some inverts practiced, but it will only be those that have some relevance to lower third pole tricks. These will be of main focus: Strong Basic Invert, Scorpio, Gemini, Inverted V, Super Girl and Shoulder Mount.

I have been working on my syllabus for all the levels, and have added in a new level to run as the next level up from Beginners, this is called Improvers. If you were in the old Improver class, it is now called Intermediate. If you were in the old Intermediate class, it is now called Advance. This is just a name change, none of you have moved times, except for the handful of students I have spoken to already.

I have also added in an extra Freestyle Class on a Thursday to try and eat up some of the waiting list. Spaces went like delicious hot cakes, to those first on the list.

If you have any questions, by all means give me a shout. Thank you for bearing with me, whilst I am trying to make Purity an even better place, along with keeping up with the demand, and also trying to remain sane… ish…

Why Have You Stopped Teaching Pole Tricks??

So this question has come up lately. After teaching pole dancing, including pole tricks for 13 years, why have I decided to stop teaching pole tricks now?…

In July 2017 Purity is about to become an actual ‘Pole Dancing’ school, by that I mean I am waving good bye to the pole tricks side of things, and focusing on the dance side more.

I have a few reasons… I feel that the dancing has more to offer people, myself included. I am all for body positivity and a happy state of mind, and nothing gives this better than the dancing side of things, any dancing for that matter! I am not saying that pole tricks doesn’t give you this either, it’s just that dancing does it way better in my opinion. I feel it is a bit of a metaphor for life – “It is not how many tricks you can do, but how you move.

I feel people can hide behind tricks, and ignore the dance, which is strange seeing as it is called Pole Dancing.

“Is it because you can’t keep up with the new tricks?”
This makes me laugh! Most people can’t keep up with the ‘new’ tricks! I don’t even try, never have done! I have my own way, perhaps because I am an old school poler, I love the old school tricks. Trick wise, I think you can’t beat a beautiful Scorpio or an Extended Butterfly. I have spoken to some of my old instructor friends during the recent years, who started teaching around the same time I did, they stopped years ago when the tricks went crazy, they said “I don’t know how you keep going through all the madness that pole has turned into“. But I can’t understand why they stopped for that reason, I got into pole because I love dancing, the tricks were always a side line.

I have had a few pole related injuries this year, and it has made me re-evaluate what I want
from life. Do I love the doing/teaching pole tricks enough to put my body through it anymore? The answer is no, (not sadly no, just no). I am happy about my decision. Life is too short to do things we are not happy with. Don’t get me wrong, you may still see pictures cropping up on Instagram of me doing pole tricks, I am not giving them up, I am just stopping teaching them. I still love pole, and don’t want to lose my passion for it.

This year I have been training hard in a new area for me, (well newish), I am becoming a Level 3 Pilates teacher. I trained in Fitness Pilates in 2008, but I have decided to go sh*t or bust with it now! I feel that pole dancing is great for helping the mind and body in so many ways, but I would like to do more to help people.

I think Pilates is a key for the body to stay fit and functional for life, and I want to bring that to more people.

I want to thank all of the Purity Students, both past and present for all their support. I do hope you all continue your pole journey with Purity, so we can dance together for many years to come.