“I aim to to teach woman to be happy in their own skin. Pole dancing allows them to be able to feel sexy and strong, and to be proud of their achievements. This kind of confidence spreads into their personal life.”

Purity was set up by Jolene in 2006, with the aim to bring pole dance classes into the fitness world for all people to enjoy. The first location was Twickenham which we stopped using in May 2010, some students were at this venue for the whole time.

By 2007 there were 4 locations set up and Jolene was covering all of them traveling to various parts of the South including Reading, Twickenham, Maidenhead and Woking.  The word has spread well and in 2008 the Purity Studio was opened in Reading. Since then we have taken on 5 teachers, all of them have been students of Purity (we have a policy on not randomly recruiting people we don’t know). We go to great lengths with teacher training and continued personal development to ensure that the teachers are meeting our high standards.

Studio ReadingAt Purity we only teach Pole Dancing for fitness, and we like to prove to the world that you do not have to go into the stripping industry to become a good pole dancer, although we have nothing against those who are strippers. All of our classes are mixed as we do not believe in discriminating against gender, although most who attend pole are woman.


To date there has been 8 other instructors for Purity over the years, all were handpicked carefully, and were approved Level 1 instructors with Pole Dance Community, and Jolene is a Level 2 instructor.

In 2011 we started to run Pole Dance Community gradings at Purity Pole Dancing, and also released online lessons called digi-pole.

The Purity Studio in Reading ran very successfully from 2008 to 2013. The new Purity Studio was opened in Andover in 2014, offering Pole and Half Hour to Power.

One thing that gets said about Purity often, is that we have a fun and friendly atmosphere in classes, we do not promote students to compete with each other. Everyone who enters the doors of Purity leave their egos behind, and offer support to those around them.

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Sexy Pole Workshop 2015 from Jolene Redtrip on Vimeo.