Jolene’s Blog

I started learning to pole in January 2003 and have been teaching pole dancing since January 2005. I love teaching pole so much that I wanted to go full time so I set up Purity in 2006 and a year later gave up office work.

Years ago when I ran club nights I used to do podium dancing in night clubs, but once I started pole I decided to give up podium and just do pole. I did this regularly a few times a month for about 3 years to lots of different music including: rock, techno, trance, drum n bass, house and RnB. I have stopped performing in nightclubs and now do showcases and competitions, some of which have included Polecats, Pole Divas and being a UK finalist at Miss Pole Dance 2008.

Promotions I have pole and podium danced for include;

  • Redtrip, Squelcher, Torture Garden, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Synthetic Culture, Tarantula, Antiworld, Xstatic, Logic, Sexy Back, Weird and Wonderful, Stripper Style on Tour.

Clubs I have danced at;

  • Fridge, Telegraph, Electrowerkz, Mass, Scala, Club Supreme, Crash, SEOne, Plan B, Egg.

As well as dancing in nightclubs I have also had other opportunities including;

  • Radio (BBC Radio Berkshire/OnFM Radio),
  • TV (UK TV Style/BBC Three)
  • Music Video (Nick Sentience)
  • Calendars (MyPole 2005/Pole Love 2008)
  • Showcases (Spin City, UKAPP, Miss Pole Princess, Equity, International Pole Federation)
  • Speaking and performing at Venus Art Gallery, Henley
  • Various after show parties, London
  • Cyberdog, Camden each weekend during 2010

I have had many workshops with National and International Pole Dancers, including:

  • Suzie Q
  • Pantera
  • Sally Ann Giles
  • Jamie Taylor
  • Anne Marie Davies
  • Tess Taylor
  • Maxine Betts
  • Sarah Scott
  • Charlotte Holstead

I aim to bring pole dancing to anyone who wants to try it, whether its for the beautiful art of pole, or for the more naughty slinky side.


  • Level 2 Exercise to Music Qualification
  • First Aid Certificate
  • Fitness Pilates
  • Spin City Aerial Hoop Beginners
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • INSANITY ProTeam Instructor
  • I also have Public Liability Insurance and a PPL licence
  • Spin City Stretching and Flexibility for Pole and Aerial


I am a 4 Star Pole Dance Community Instructor, and an Authorised Grading Assessor.