Frequently Asked Questions – Answered

“Pole dancing can be a great way to loose weight and get into shape when joined with other exercise such as Cardiovascular workouts (running, cycling etc…”

Where are your classes?

All classes are in Andover Hampshire.

I’ve never done pole before, what class do I book?

You can book for any of the beginner classes.

I’ve done pole before, what class do I book?

Have a look at the Pole Info page, or contact Purity to discuss the best class for you.

How much are your classes?

These are typically £15 for a taster/payg class, and £50 for a course booking of 5 weeks for pole. Pay as you Pole is £15 per session. Pole Memberships start at £75. Half Hour to Power is £55.

How many spaces are there, and when can I book on?

Each location is updated regularly (often a few times a day). The number of spaces currently available for each class, is listed down the page, within the notes about each class.

If it says there are ‘2 spaces available’, that’ll be for the next class (ie that evening, or within the next 7 days). If it specifies a particular date, that is the date of the next booking availability.

If it says ‘ON HOLD’ then you would need to wait until this class becomes active before booking.

How can I pay?

Payment must be made in advance, for all classes, including Pay as you Pole. We prefer payments via PayPal for new students (due to the ease of use, and speed of notification). Ongoing students in particular, can set up bank transfers and standing orders (and they’ll need to contact us directly for our bank details).

To pay for the next available class, just scroll down the page relevant to your preferred location, and you’ll see the various payment options listed for each class.

Unfortunately, we can no longer cheque payments. Cash needs to be paid in advance of your class, payment on the day in class, will not secure your space.

Can I turn up and pay cash?

Ideally any classes with Purity need to be booked in advance through the website or by Bank Transfer. Your funds must be cleared before your lesson starts. All of our classes have small numbers, and we don’t over book the classes.

Cash needs to be paid in advance of your class, payment on the day in class, will not secure your space.

I have paid, how will I know I am booked on?

Purity will send out a confirmation email to everyone who books on, please look out for it, and check your spam/junk folders if you can’t see it. Confirmation emails aim to be sent out by the end of the next working day of any bookings. If you have booked on the day, please contact Jolene on 07961 054 863, to make sure she knows you are coming. Please make sure you have included a phone number when booking, as Jolene will text you to say you should have an email.

What happens if I do shift work?

You are welcome to join a course if you do shift work or are in the military, unfortunately if you need to miss any classes they are not carried over or refunded. There are lots of people on courses who can’t make every week and they don’t have a problem catching up when they return.

How many students per pole?

Every pole class with Purity is 1 student per pole. Workshops held by National or International Pole Dancers, may go up to 2 students per pole.

Do you offer pay as you go?

Yes we do offer this on all pole classes.

What shall I wear for pole?

The warm up will need to be done in trainers, pole work can be done bare foot or in socks. Bare arms and legs help to grip the pole and dance easily; shorts/hot pants and a short-sleeved top are ideal for more complex moves.

We understand that not everyone is comfy in shorts, for all of the Pole Dance classes from beginners to advanced have been redesigned so you can wear jogging bottoms or leggings.

Shorts are required for Pole Trick classes.

We recommend bare foot or socks for pole work in beginners.

Knee pads are essential for Improvers, Intermediate and Advance lessons.

Please make sure that your clothes fit you correctly, good fitting shorts are a must. Sport bra tops under your top is ideal to keep you covered. You may be turned away if you wear ill fitting clothes.

Which pole classes can I wear leggings in?

You can wear leggings in all classes from Beginner to Advanced Pole Dance, Serpent Power and Freestyle. Shorts are only required in Pole Tricks.

Can I wear heels in a pole dance class?

Yes you can wear heels, but new moves are taught first barefoot or in flat shoes in beginners.

What do I wear for authentic pole?

Heels can be worn each week in this class. The height of the heel does not matter, so long as they are comfy and you can walk/balance in them. Please make sure the shoes do not have spikes of jewels that could scratch the floor. Students are welcome to dress up, but please make sure the outfit is still pole friendly, as you may be turned away if you wear ill fitting clothes. This class can still be done in barefoot, and sports gear.

What do I wear for Half Hour to Power?

We recommend comfy and supportive clothes, along with good trainers. Have layers, as you will get warm!

Can anyone watch the classes?

No. We have a strict no spectator rule with our classes. If you want to see what it is about, then you are welcome to join for a PAYG class. Students can be self conscious when learning new moves, so it’s unfair to make them have an audience at that time. If someone is waiting for you, we are sorry you cannot have them wait in the studio for the same reason.

Will oil or lotions help with spinning round the pole?

No, they will make you and anyone else slip on the pole – please avoid lotions, oils and moisturisers before class (ideally within 24 hours prior to each class).

What shall I do if I have an injury?

If you have an injury or something that might affect your pole dancing then you must call the teacher, otherwise you may get turned away at the start of the class to prevent any further damage. A doctors note may be needed.

What happens if I’m late to a class?

We have a zero tolerance on lateness, you will not be able to join in once the warm up has started.

Similar with Half Hour to Power, if you see the warm up has started you will not be allowed to take part.

Please note that refunds are not given if a student has to miss a class from turning up late.

What age group do you have to be?

You need to be 18 or over to join a Purity course or party.

There is no upper age limit.

What fitness level do you have to be?

All fitness levels are welcome for Half Hour to Power, Parties and Beginner Courses, although higher levels of fitness are required to move on through the courses. The courses are all designed to build up your fitness level gradually.

Who are private lessons for?

Private lessons are great for those who want to progress quick, or if you are shy then a private lesson will help break the ice. Private lessons are currently only available in the Purity Studio in Reading.

Can I Pole Dance or learn Aerial Hoop whilst pregnant?

We do not recommend you pole dance or learn to hoop whilst pregnant or for the first 5 months after giving birth.

What are the exercise benefits?

Pole dancing is not only fun but it is a fantastic form of exercise, the exercise benefits are similar to those of gymnastics. You will tone up and gain longer leaner muscles rather than short fat ones, this not only improves strength but also increases flexibility too.

Pole dancing can be a great way to loose weight and get into shape when joined with other exercise such as Cardiovascular workouts (running, cycling etc). If you are pole dancing to loose weight then you will expect to be in beginners for a little longer than others.

Pole dancing gives you a whole body work out, you may find you ache in new places, most common are your arms, back, stomach and legs. You’ll realise that at the gym you miss out so many muscles to work.

Aerial Hoop has very similar benefits, although from the outset you find it builds strength in the arms and abs quicker than pole, this is due to mounting the hoop and pulling up for most moves.

Can men join a course?

Yes men can join the courses, we do focus a lot on the dancing side of pole, so there will be plenty of sensual movement.

Men are also welcome on the party bookings.

There are no ‘spectators’ in any of our classes though.

What is a Taster Class for Pole Dancing?

A Taster class is also known as a Pay as you Go class, great for those who have never done it, and want to try it before committing to a course, or for those on shift work.

What is a Beginners’ Pole Dancing Course?

The Purity Beginner course takes on average between 1 and 2 months to complete, this is suitable for beginners to pole and low levels of fitness.

What is a Intermediates’ Pole Dancing Course?

The Purity Intermediate course often takes years to complete, this is suitable for those who have completed the Purity Beginners course or a similar course elsewhere, this courses roll into advance moves when students are ready.

What is Authentic Pole?

This is similar to Intermediate pole, you need to have completed beginner pole before moving into this class. The main difference is we add slinky work in heels every week, along with doing the harder side of inverted tricks as well.

Please contact us first to confirm your experience has been suitable though, before booking on.

What is a Advanced Pole Dancing Course

The Purity Advanced course is only for those who have completed the Purity Intermediate course. If you think you are ready for the Advanced course then please contact Purity first.

Other Course Information

All Courses comprise of weekly sessions lasting 1 hour per week.

The classes run every week, on the same day each week which is stated next to the location. You can book when there is a space.

The number of spaces available is to start in the next class, unless another date has been specified.

The weekly lessons are on going and you can join at any time providing they are not booked up. They are to be booked in 6 week blocks for pole dancing and aerial hoop, and 5 week blocks for Half Hour to Power.

Courses are held in a clean and professional environment which is not over-looked by spectators. There is a relaxed but hardworking atmosphere during lessons and most of all expect to have fun and make lots of new pole buddies.

We use state of the art Xpoles; both 45mm and 40mm diameters.

If you are unsure if pole dancing is for you or you want to do a one off exercise class then why not try a taster session as a Pay as You Go class. This is a one hour lesson giving you a chance to see what a pole dance class is like.

Numbers of students are kept to a minimum; there are no more than 1 to a pole on the courses, giving everyone adequate pole time.

You need to have completed the previous course before moving onto the next one, handouts will be supplied for each course detailing the moves you’ll learn.

Our only age requirement is that you are over 16, apart from that all ages and fitness levels are welcome.