The Purity Pole Dance Studio is open!!

This week has been a manic week at Purity, as the new Purity Pole Dancing Studio opened on Wednesday 6th August. Two busy Beginner Tasters launched the Studio on Wednesday evening in Reading Berkshire.

This has been a dream of mine ever since I started teaching, and I can’t believe I have found such a lovely space.

The mirrors have now arrived and will be going up asap along with a few other decorative items.

Today I had my first play on the poles, and didn’t want to finish, although I was forced too as my arms were about to drop off!! I think I did one too many Flags! The poles are a great height of about 9ft, perfect for those climbing inverts.

Here is a before and after shot…

Taken July 2008

Taken August 2008

I love my studio!!!

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