August Poling

I managed my run in 26min 30, I was absolutely exhausted afterwards and I suffered the next day big time as we all celebrated in London with drinks – it was a very late night!!

I spent the next few weeks teaching and poling in my spare time in preperation for the UKAPP Wokingham heat, which took place on the 8th August at Chameleon Nightclub. What a fantastic evening, I was blown away by the talent and found the event so inspiring. It’s one thing to watch and think “I could do that”, but another to get up there and give it a go so in my eyes everyone did brilliantly that night. One of our advanced students Suzy entered the expert category. I wouldn’t have thought it was just her second time performing in public, she was strong and stunning and I hope she enters more competitions.

After the results had been announced and the after party began, me and Jolene had the pleasure of performing. What a blast, I decided on two songs one being Dizzie Rascal Bonkers which went down a treat, and I did go Bonkers too haha! Jolene had a flawless performance to the song Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Joleeeeeene!

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