Poletrition – Day 19

So it is now day 19 of my Poletrition journey, and I am still on detox. My results are amazing so far, and I am very happy being on detox so have decided to stay on it longer. I am not wanting to introduce other carbs into my diet.

I have only had 2 naughty things, which really aren’t that bad, I had a banana last Saturday when I ran out of my food when I went out. On Friday I went to Wagamamas and had a rice dish, the rest of the dish was fine tho. The next day after eating some of the rice, I did not feel too good, so it has kinda put me off wanting to introduce small amounts back into my diet.

This week I set myself a challenge to like natural yogurt, I have succeeded! I find that having a liquorice tea before I eat yogurt, makes the yogurt taste sweeter!

So far I have lost 5 inches and 2.5kgs, I have found this weight to be very hard to shift, as it has been on me for years. The daily support has kept me going, even though I am staying on detox, I have still found the new information and workouts handy. I found the sleep information amusing, as it was all things I am doing anyway, and have a great pattern for sleeping, the only change being I am waking up 90 minutes earlier than I used to and bouncing out of bed and I feel much more energised throughout the day too.

My reasons for hammering the detox now, is because on it I am eating a fair amount of cold foods, such as, cucumber, carrot sticks, salad etc, so this is much easier to do in the warmer weather, as when winter hits, things will change. I am not worried though, as I have always been great a maintaining a good weight, just not so good at shifting anything to get my lil muscles shining through.

It is hard for me to say if the workouts are helping me become stronger for the pole, as I don’t feel them as much as my own training sessions I do at the gym! I tend to push myself hard, but I have picked up some new exercises which I have permanently incorporated into my own workouts. However I think the workouts would be gold for those that just do pole and not much else, as they target the whole body for both strength and flexibility, and you don’t need to be a gym member or even have a pole for most of them.

Roll on next week, I am looking forward to seeing even more results.

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