Purity Studio Covid 19 Policy

Hurrah!! Purity Studio is allowed to re-open!!

I am so excited to welcome you all back, but please note there will be a few little changes as we enter back in.

You must read all of this in full.

  • We shall be using the rear entrance to the studio as you can maintain social distance when entering the studio. (Go past the first car park, and take the next left, Purity Studio is the 3rd gate on your left)
  • Please stay in your car until 10 minutes before the start time, those who walk or cycle are the only ones allowed in the back yard, or if it’s raining please wait by the door, as I will let you in early. All others must stay in your car.
  • Please maintain social distance of 2 metres whilst in the back yard waiting to be let in, even if the door is open, do not come in until you are called. Anyone not seen to be social distancing on the premises will be told to leave. This goes for everyone, even if you are family or in a bubble.
  • I am requesting that you wear a face covering on arrival, I will let you in 2 at a time, to use the toilet/wash your hands, then before entering the studio you will have your temperature checked and be given hand sanitizer. Please do not come to class if you are ill, or if you may have been near someone with Covid 19.
  • Please bring minimal items with you, leave coats in the car. Ideally just your essentials. If you are walking of cycling and need to wear a coat there will be a bin bag for your coat to go in.
  • Once you are at your pole base you can take your mask off.
  • Have your pole gear on under your clothes, this helps with having minimal items, and having to make extra trips to change, or hold everyone up on arrival.
  • On arrival you will be told which pole you are on, once you have put the items you don’t need such as keys, in the storage cubes please go to your pole spot.
  • Jolene will be on the middle pole, and not using others to demo.
  • Please try and keep your face and hands in your pole square, legs (Shaunna) are ok to venture out.
  • Take your essentials (shoes/knee pads) to your spot with you, put in the bucket provided. If your items/clothes can’t fit in the bucket then don’t bring them.
  • Warm ups will be done in your pole space, behind your pole.
  • Please do keep your extra layers on to warm up efficiently, you will be given time to put your extra layers in your storage cube once the warm up has finished.
  • The warm up may be a little quieter, as I cannot shout over the loud music, this also means that you may have to concentrate a little harder (sorry Chrissy), and you won’t be able to shout out during the warm ups (sorry Beth).
  • When moving around the studio it is unsafe to have a one way system, so please let me know if you need to travel around, as I will make sure people are out the way.
  • If music is up and you need attention or to move, then please put up your hand.
  • Catch up classes are not available at this time, as I want to prevent the classes mixing.
  • If you want to film yourself in class, this will be done towards the end or at a designated time. There will be a spot to put your phone or camera. Please note you can only do so if you have a holder or tripod, there will be no balancing and trying to place phones on bottles or walls.
  • Do not give your camera to someone else to use. If you want someone to take a photo or video that is fine, so long as they do it on their own device.
  • You must bring your own grip and not share in the class.
  • Treats or snacks will not be permitted.
  • Make sure your water bottle is full, if you need to use the tap then let me know.
  • Please bring your own sweat towel, when not in use it must be placed in your bucket.
  • You cannot borrow knee pads or yoga mats in the studio.
  • When trick classes return new people will not be allowed to join for the time being.
  • Moves may take longer to learn, to ensure the student is not at high risk of a safety spot.
  • Jolene will be wearing a face covering when walking the room to help in tricks, social distance of 2 metres will be in place where possible, unless and emergency spot is required.
  • When leaving you will need to do so in order of who is closest to the back door. You must leave within 5 minutes of the lesson finishing.
  • Put your face covering on when leaving until you are outside, and still try to maintain a social distance of 2m.
  • Please make sure you exit promptly, if there is a lot of waiting around in the car park this could be an issue at the Enterprise Centre.
  • There is time allocated between each lesson to clean down the poles, floor, storage units and handles. This means there won’t be any cross over of classes for the time being.   

Thank you for reading through my new policy. You do not need to remember it all, as I will be there to remind you. Just make sure you know what you need to do on arrival, and I can do the rest.

Please note that if anyone is refusing to follow the policy they will be asked to leave.

Do let me know if you have any questions. Beginner classes will be back once the existing students are back, and things are a little more settled.

If you cannot wear a face covering for medical reasons, then you must let me know in advance. You will then be the last person to enter for your class.

I will be doing everything I can to keep you safe, but please be aware that I cannot guarantee a Covid 19 free zone, the risk is still there.

I know emotions are high, and you will all want to scream and hug, instead please jump up and down and get your giddiness out in the back yard!

I can’t wait to be back with you all!!

Love Jolene


Some quick bits for you:

  • Use the rear entrance
  • Social distance of 2m in the car park, back yard, and entrance
  • Wear a face covering on arrival and leaving
  • Stay outside/in your car until 10 minutes before class
  • Bring minimal stuff, leave coats in the car, all items must fit in the bucket provided
  • Don’t forget your knee pads and shoes, as I can’t lend any
  • Bring your own sweat towel
  • Phone/camera should have its own tripod of holder
  • No catch ups available
  • Pole gear on under clothes
  • Bring your own full water bottle
  • Let Jolene know if you need to walk across the studio
  • Smile cause we are back!

Purity Studio Cleaning Policy – Reference Covid 19

There will be a gap in-between classes for the instructor, Jolene to clean down all poles, and floor areas. Along with the storage units, door handles, and any other surfaces that students may come into contact with.

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