Miss Pole Dance UK 2009

On Sunday 25th October I went to Miss Pole Dance UK, which was being held in London at the Scala for the 2nd year, normally its been held elsewhere in the UK. This year I decided to go and watch rather than compete like last year. I only went for the evening rather than the knock out heats during the day. It was a great evening filled with some excellent performances and lots of pole people to talk too.

Some performances really stood out to, Justine was on first, she looked so happy and excited to be there, she looked like she enjoyed her whole performance all the way through.

Tracey Simmonds was on second, she danced to Voodoo People by The Prodigy, I missed her name being called, and whilst watching I didn’t even realise it was her, she was so different to her normal shows, I was really impressed.

Emma Simmonds pulled out all the stops for her show, she really seemed like she was in it to win it this year compared to previous performances I’ve seen her do. She had 2 backing dancers which where on stage for most of her performance and even carried her in the splits from one pole to another!

Maxine did a lovely routine to Take That – Rule the World, she amazed the audience most with her ‘drops’ from the top of the pole.

I don’t think I will ever understand how Karry Summers does her super handstands, her performance was wicked as always!

The Doubles competitors have really upped the game this year, there was double Shoulder Mount Holds, Handsprings, Twisty Lift handsprings from up the poles and even double Death Lays!!!

Keam did a routine at the end, he is an amazing pole dancer from France, who I am sure has got a Ballet background.

There was another 2 excellent performers from Alesia (Miss pole Dance UK 08 Champion) and also from the Miss Pole dance France 09 Champion.

Here is the list of main winners from the night, and also some videos I have found of them:

1st Maxine Betts
2nd Tracey Simmonds
3rd Kaila Lee

Doubles: 1st Penny Howarth & Anna Chisholm

Best Tricks: Sasha Kavaleva & Deb Riley
Best Costume: Justine McLucas
Best Entertainer: Tracey Simmonds

Karry Summers

My lovely husband, Jason Parlour was taking photos on the night, he has got some fantastic shots here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jasonparlour/sets/72157622558341259/

Pantera, Miss Pole Dance and Pole Divas!!

Lots have happened in the past month!! Pantera came to the Purity Studio, and taught a brilliant Pole Workshop and a few private lessons. She worked us all very hard, not all of it was on the pole part of it was core strength work in pairs, and showing us good handstand techniques.

Here are a couple of shots from the day:
Jason Parlour Photos

The following day was Miss Pole Dance UK at the Scala, Kings Cross. It was an exciting day full of pole jamming, interviews, fliming and gossiping…. oh and a pole competition too!!! The competition was brilliant, 900 in the crowd all applauding each of the dancers. I went on first, extreemly nervous, but I had a lot of fun, despite having to alter part of my routine as I didn’t have grip (of all the times!!) By going on first it meant I could sit back and watch the rest of the competitors. Everyone had such amzing and unique styles and was a brilliant show to watch. The winner was Alesia Vazmitsel, very elegant and graceful.

Here are some of the photos:
Jason Parlour Photos

The next week I headed to Brighton to compete in the last heat for Pole Divas, as it was the last heat lots of people had decided to enter, and it was tough. Again I was first on, but fortunatley I had excellent grip and walked away very pleased that I had done the best I could in my performance. All of the performances were very strong and different, my friend Jo Dandridge won the heat and will be going to the finals in Manchester on the 23rd November.

Here are some photos from my routine:
(C) James Oluoch-Olunya

More photos and videos of my routines can be seen on my gallery page on website.