Penton Fete Winner!

On Sunday 8th July Purity lent Zippy the Fiat Panda to Penton Fete. A competition was running all day to guess how many balloons were in Zippy. It was such a hot day I am surprised they didn’t all go pop!

It came to a tie breaker question as 2 people guessed one a away from the winning total so it went to the tie break question for how long it took to blow up the balloons, Louise and her daughter were the closest! They won!

The prize was a big Panda (not a Fiat one!), a voucher and 2 bottles of Prosseco, which Louise has informed me that ‘Snuggles’ the Panda has already downed a bottle!


A new festival is starting up the road from Andover in Whitchurch. The first one (of hopefully, many) will be on Friday 20th July 2018, 7pm to 1am.

Top acts include Warrior Grooves Dean Oram and Errol Reid, usually found at Hed Kandi or Ministry of Sound.

I think the weather is looking pretty good for this too!

Tickets are £20 – email


Studio Entrance and New Car!

We have just had new doors and windows on the Purity Studio, so our signage has been updated. The new Pandas were created by one of Purity’s lovely students called Hannah Trinder.

Don’t forget to look out for the new look Purity Panda driving around town too!

At Purity Studio we offer pole dancing classes from absolute beginner to advanced. We are a dance based pole school which is oodles of fun!

Pilates and Half Hour to Power (HiiT) classes are also available.

The studio can also be hired out if another instructor is looking for a fitness studio to hire for their own classes.


This will be a led class, using mini routines to channel your inner sexy. Wear something that makes you feel good, ideally not sports wear, this is far from a gym class. This is a session designed to push your level of minx!

A one off session, too hot for the timetable!

6.30pm-7.30pm FULL!

7.40pm-8.40pm FULL


Daytime Pole and Pilates FREE Launch!

Daytime Pole Dance classes and Pilates classes are launching on the week of 11th June 2018. First week is free, but you must contact to book in, as there are a maximum of 9 in Pilates and 6 in Pole Dance.

If you decide to book in June for a 5 week block there is a £10 discount. Making Pole Dance £40 instead of £50 for 5 weeks, and Pilates £30 instead of £40 for 5 weeks.

Pilates is a great class for keeping your body fit and healthy, working your core with slow controlled movements, both standing and mat work.

Pole dancing is great if you want to improve you relationship with your body, whilst learning a new skill. It will get you fit, but once you start you will realise it is so much more than that.

Puri-Tease Show 2018

Please see the photo below to see how to be a part of the next Puri-Tease Show!

  • Show will be at 6pm on Sunday 20th May 2018.
  • You only enrol once, but you can do more than one routine.
  • If you are only doing a doubles routine, both of you still have to enrol.
  • More tickets will be available to purchase closer to the time, but yourself and one other get in for free.
  • The 30 minute private will need to be scheduled in at a time that suits.
  • You need to pick a time for your rehearsal 1 and 2.
  • So long as you have completed beginner pole dance, then you are allowed to enrol and take part.
  • You do not need to be an advanced student, you just have to want to do it!


Half Hour to Power is now Pay As You Go!

HHTP has now been updated to just Mondays and Wednesdays at 5.20pm, pay as you go is now available for this HiiT class, at just £5.50. You can also book in blocks if you want to commit to 5 weeks as well.

This is a great way to boost your fitness and stamina in just a 30 minute class. It is surprising what half an hour can do to you. There are various options for the moves, so it’s ok if you are a hardcore fitness fanatic or a brand new beginner getting off that sofa! You are all welcome at Purity.

Purity Christmas Holiday 2017!

Please make a note of your classes in December 2017 and January 2018.

  • The last Pilates class will be on Monday 18th December 2017 and first one back is Monday 8th January 2018.
  • The last HHTP class will be on Thursday 21st December 2017 and first one back is Monday 8th January 2018.
  • The last Pole class will be on Thursday 21st December 2017 and first one back is Wednesday 3rd January 2018 for Beginner Pole at 8.25pm, plus 2 one off classes (See below). The rest of the classes will return on the week starting 8th January 2018. The first Freestyle Friday will be Friday 12th January 2017.

Please note all bookings are extended to cover the Christmas and New Year break. 

On Wednesday 3rd January we will have 2 one off classes, these are optional at £10 per class or £18 for both classes, you must have completed a Beginner course to be able to come.
6.15pm This is now going to be another Pole-a-fornication class!
7.20pm A taster of Pole-a-fornication, start your New Year off with some naughty! Knee pads are essential, and you are welcome to dress up. I also suggest bringing an extra top or shirt that can be taken off if you want.

If more of you want the new Pole-a-fornication class, instead of the Spin workshop at 6.15pm then let me know. Happy to make both time slots Pole-a-fornication!



Pole-a-fornication 6.15PM 

6.15-7.15pm £10 FULL for Wednesday 3rd January 2018 (Max 6 poles / 6 Students)

wednesDAY    pole-a-fornication 7.20PM  7.20-8.20pm £10 1 space for Wednesday 3rd January 2018  (Max 6 poles / 5 Students)

wednesDAY     Both classes   6.15-8.20pm £18 N/A (Max 6 poles / 6 Students)


Sexy Pole Dance Workshop

Purity is hosting another Sexy Pole workshop, normally we hold one in the Summer, but time passed me by. So we are doing it near my Birthday! Yay for me!

Our song will be WOW by Marilyn Manson, it’s a pretty filthy track, which is going to make it oh so fun!

This workshop is available to those who have completed a beginner pole dance course in the past 6 months. No matter how long you have been poling, expect your body to ache for a few days after!

Maximum is 1 student per pole, so plenty of time to nail the routine. Feel free to dress up… or down 😉 You are welcome to wear shoes, no higher than 8″ heel and knee pads are a must have for everyone.

Bring your ‘can do’ attitude and prepare to have some fun. If you are good I will give you some cake!

New Autumn Timetable 2017

Our new Autumn Timetable has just been released, now includes our early morning HiiT class, Half Hour to Power at 6am. If you would like a class at 6.40am please get in touch too.

Pole Dancing now has Beginner Pole Dance on Wednesdays at 7.20pm, with plenty of space to move up to Improver then Intermediate Pole Levels. Freestyle Pole Dancing is now fortnightly on Fridays, first one being on Friday 6th October 2017.

Pilates which is great for keeping the body active, reducing risk of injury, core strength, core stability and flexibility, is now on Mondays at 6.05pm and 7.15pm for Beginner Pilates. Tuesdays at 9.30am will also be for beginners to Pilates.

All of these classes are located at the Purity Studio in Andover, Hampshire, UK.

See our full timetable here!