Purity Studio Online

Due to the Lockdown we have now bought as many classes as possible online. 5 out of the 6 weekly classes are pole free. The price is £12 per week, with all 6 classes included. You can either join in live, or catch up later when it suits you. We use Zoom for Pole Dance classes, Floor Flux and any extra workshops. Half Hour to Power (HiiT class), Chrome Conditioning and Pilates all use Facebook Live.

Time Table
1pm – 1.30pm – Half Hour to Power (FB Live/No Pole)
6pm – 6.40pm – Intermediate Pole Dance (Zoom/Pole required)
7pm – 7.40pm – Advanced Pole Dance (Zoom/Pole required)

1pm – 1.45pm – Pilates (FB Live/No Pole)
6pm – 6.30pm – Chrome Conditioning (FB Live/No Pole)

1pm – 1.30pm – Half Hour to Power (FB Live/No Pole)
6pm – 6.40pm – Floor Flux (Zoom/No Pole)

To join, you can pay by bank or use the links below. You must have a Facebook account, and friend Jolene Whiting, then you can be added to the secret groups.
You need to warm up using the warm up links provided before the Pole Dance classes, Chrome Conditioning and Floor Flux. You will then need to use the Stretch links to cool down. Warm up and cool down is included in HHTP and Pilates.

Purity Studio Online – Buy Now


Workshops are included in the weekly price, or they are £6 to anyone else who would like to join in. Workshops will take place on Zoom, so you do not need a Facebook account for these.

Sofa Slink – £6

Tricky Tuesdays are available, and are limited to a maximum of 5 students in a class. 6pm and 7pm are available, you need to warm up and cool down using the links provided.

Tricky Tuesdays – Buy Now – Please make sure you have booked your time with Jolene, before paying.


  • Please note that refunds are not given for Online classes
  • You need to warm up and cool down for all classes, except for HHTP and Pilates
  • You can join in live or catch up in your own time
  • Please contact Purity Studio if you have any questions
  • You must have a Facebook account to do the weekly classes
  • You must use Zoom for any Pole, Floor, Tricky, and workshops