Purity Birthday Party


The workshops with Jamie Taylor will be suitable for those who are Intermediate and Advanced level with Purity.



Click here to see Jamie!

Workshop 1 – Secrets: will include floor work, lower third pole and stripper style
Workshop 2 – Russian Choreo will be fast pace dynamic moves in a routine format

The outdoor Twerkshop will be outside!! Weather is looking good!








Party is on Sunday 8th July 2018, 10am to 10pm

We will be starting at the Purity Studio, then moving to a private location in Penton for the Twerkshop, Pool Party and BBQ.

There are only 11 spaces in total, if you book either in full or a deposit by 11th May 2018 then you will have a £20 saving, making it £99 in total.

If paying a deposit, the remaining balance will be due by Friday 8th June 2018.

If you usually pay by Bank Transfer, then please pay the same way as normal. Just sent a text once you have done so.

From the 12th May 2018 it will be £119.

EVENING TICKETS – 10 available 

The evening tickets will run from 5pm to 10pm in Penton.

Pool Party, BBQ, Soft drinks and Prosecco is included.

Depending on weather, there may be the chance to upgrade and include the outdoor Twerkshop on the week. If it is bad weather it will be in the studio and we won’t be able to have more people.

If you book before 11th May the price is £25, booking from the 12th May will be £30.

TWERKSHOP – Update 5th July 2018

The Twerkshop can be added to the evening ticket for £15. It will on the lawn meaning we can have more people, the weather is looking great!

BOOKINGS ARE NOW CLOSED! – Update 7th July 2018